About Eschia

Created to meet the demand for accessible, affordable books about Indigenous subjects, Eschia titles educate, inspire and entertain. The unique stories, information and experiences within the pages of our books engage all readers, and our future intentions include publishing material for Indigenous youth, who may be reluctant readers, to engage them in their own peoples’ history, experience and achievement.

Eschia Books is proud to provide a venue for Indigenous writers, especially emerging authors and those who live in isolated areas of Canada. By publishing their stories, we promote cross-cultural awareness that bridges the gap between groups that have lived so close and yet so far from each other for centuries.

Pick up a copy of In The Shadow of our Ancestors, to learn about First Peoples’ little-known contributions to society, or Watishka Warriorsto be entertained by the triumphs of a ragtag, underdog hockey team in a remote community. Or, be inspired by a woman’s adjustment to the dying buffalo culture in Victoria Callihoo, An Amazing Life.

We offer fiction and non-fiction that safeguards the history, aspirations and accomplishments of our people—whether it’s through the story of a Mohawk activist in 1845 Upper Canada, a young Métiswoman discovering herself in the Barren lands of the 1980s or a feisty spirit who helps his brother solve his murder.

Writing down the stories of a traditionally oral culture is important to protect them for future generations. We do so respectfully, guided by our Elders where needed and using Indigenous illustrators whenever possible.

Writing down the stories of a traditionally oral culture is important to protect them for future generations.”


About the Publisher

Dianne Meili is proud to be the new publisher and guiding spirit of Eschia Books. An enthusiastic and driven Métis woman with a diverse background in communications, Dianne has spent 32 years writing, editing and broadcasting. Using these skills to help strengthen the future of Indigenous culture and literature, she is gratified to dedicate the pages of Eschia’s offerings to safeguard and share traditional values, practices and stories, many with contemporary themes.

Dianne studied communications in Calgary and has travelled the world as a freelance writer. She edited Windspeaker, a national Indigenous magazine published by the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society (AMMSA) and attended meetings and conferences as a reporter. Inspired by the heartfelt words of Elders at these events, Dianne withdrew from media work to travel the province for two years to gather stories and wisdom from some of Alberta’s most beloved Elders. The culmination of her work was Those Who Know, published in 1992 with an updated version released in 2012 that won the Trade Non-Fiction Book Award at the 2013 Alberta Book Publishing Awards.

In addition to Those Who Know, Dianne has written three children’s books and contributed to three textbooks used in Alberta Education’s Aboriginal Studies. She continues to write for various newspapers and magazines and has also produced two cultural radio shows for CFWE FM Radio called One People, Many Lives and Footprints. Enthusiastic about cultivating a stronger voice for Indigenous literature, Dianne looks forward to guiding and growing Eschia Books into a major contributor of the stories of Indigenous people.

“We strive to ensure these essential narratives assume their well-deserved place in our country’s literary landscape to resonate with Indigenous and non-Indigenous readers alike.”


A Message from Diane

Dianne Meili, president of Eschia Books, delivered this message on National Indigenous Peoples Day, 2021.

“I invite you to get outside and connect with mother earth, and to love one another.”